Fidan Financial Advisory Corp. was inaugurated in 2019 in order to serve an important educational need:

The role of financial education of high school and college-level individuals to make them intellectually astute through financial research.

Research means creating new knowledge.  It is through research that we know whatever we know today.  It is through research that we are able to progress and solve important societal problems and challenges.  Fidan enables students to conduct research without the limitations of geographical borders.

Mission: Fidan Financial Advisory’s mission is to introduce students to world-class research at an early stage. Doing research complements and improves in-class learning. Students learn how to analyze a complex problem to create knowledge in a systematic disciplined manner instead of rote memorization.   Research improves creativity, analytical skills, multi-dimensionality and focus of a learner. Our motto is that a good researcher is on their way to become a life-long good learner.

Vision: The vision of Fidan is to reach high school and college-level individuals to educate them with state-of-the-art financial knowledge about a particular interesting topic, provide them with analytical techniques, and help develop critical thinking and complete hands-on research. Once a person learns to do research, they will gain the ability to identify problems, propose various solutions, and through critical analysis and application of research tools at hand, arrive at a useful, rational solution to the problem.  Most importantly, Fidan’s vision is to encourage and develop critical thinking and problem solving.